The notoriously contrary jazz trio SPRINKHUIZEN, FENNIS & DIDDEREN was founded in 1992 in The Hague, The Netherlands. Disenfranchised with the sedentary local jazz scene, SF&D evolved its unique, trademark sound: a heady mixture of styles, drawing heavily from pop and 'zap' culture: "Monk meets Hendrix". Having released their critically acclaimed first album 'Vleesch & Visch' in 1996, SF&D is once again on the road, promoting their latest release, 'Nieuw'.

'Nieuw' bristles with original material, combining jazz, blues, ballads, country, atonal and improvisational pieces into a wonderfully eclectic mix. Put this together with wildly individual covers of greats like Wayne Shorter and Cecile Payne - and you get the full SF&D experience. Where the screaming guitars have perhaps been toned down slightly, they are enthusiastically replaced by bottlenecks and - gasp - even sporadic vocals.

Humor rears its musical head everywhere, in pieces like "Bebop", that tragically remains just shy of the real thing, or in "Lucky Luke", where a cowboy-fest is rudely interrupted. But do not mistake the breathless style and tempo gyrations and the high-energy dynamic that have become the SF&D trademark for a gimmick: they never detract from the essence: this is all about jazz!

The effortlessly tight sound and the band members' obvious delight in performing routinely result in an immediate bonding and strong interaction with the audience, helped in no small part by the hilarious MC'ing of Sprinkhuizen.

In a recent review of 'Vleesch and Visch', renowned Dutch jazz musician Hein van de Geyn wrote:

"[SF&D] have found a wonderful balance between the three elements that are core to all performing arts: head, heart and gut. The mix between rock and jazz repertoire is surprisingly powerful: lyric melody lines buoyed by Marshall distortion. SF&D is well-scrubbed grubbiness, organized anarchism, pretty ugliness. SF&D is nave, intelligent, rude, groovy, sentimental, indifferent, beautiful, raw, but above all, an absolute joy to listen to."

SF&D has toured extensively in The Netherlands and in Western Europe, performing regularly at major jazz venues and festivals. They have been featured twice on the authoritative Dutch music show "Reiziger in Muziek" (produced by VPRO TV, The Netherlands). Their latest album 'Nieuw' is released on 'FanJazz', the group's own independent label.